BASC Resources

Last updated: August 11th, 2023

BASC was formed in October 2008 and has a long history and a variety of experience and expertise. Over the years, BASC has learned what works and does not work in regards to Bicycling and Pedestrian Education and Safety in Huntsville, AL. Your learning continues while bike riding in Huntsville and can start here with the list of resources to understand how to bike safely, find local-bike communities, make a difference, and more.

Follow BASC Facebook as we post many articles about local, national, and international biking topics to generate discussion.

Reference How to Bike Safely videos from the League of American Bicyclists

Know the biking laws of Alabama on this one-page printable “How we share the road_AL code” sheet (last updated 2020) and can keep on-hand while you bike around.

Report bike/ped related road issues on Huntsville’s See Click Fix website such as needing to clean a greenway path, sidewalk, bike lane or add a bike signal at a traffic light to change it on your bike ride.

Check out City of Huntsville’s Bike Huntsville: See and Be Seen Website to know how to report bike incidents (See and Be Seen Report Form is currently not available since 2023). Know how to file a criminal police report with HPD. Be aware of the sidewalk cycling ordinance.

Check out City of Huntsville’s Bike Routes and Bike Plans and the MPO Bike and Pedestrian Reports and Plans

Learn about Ped/Bike infrastructure standards on NACTO

Meet local cyclists to practice your bike riding skills and biking knowledge in Huntsville

Huntsville Bike Shop Trail map by the SCCC

  1. Southern Carnage
  2. Bicycle Cove- Madison
  3. Trailhead Inc
  4. Sunset Bicycles
  5. Bicycle Cove- Hampton Cove
  6. REI at Mid-City